Mr Davis Jaspers cleaned our offices in Chesapeake.The company Broom Service Cleaners did not meet up to expectations by any means.

None of the desks were vaccume under. Trash was half taken out multiple times, dirty mirrors etc. The trashcan was filled with bags obviously from another business that they cleaned. We had to pay extra for trash dump.There was change taken from employee desks as well.

This is not a reputable business.

We now use maid pro and have seen a lot better results.No more you guy next time I call police this time you just fired.

Monetary Loss: $1000.


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Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States #878903

Obviously an uneducated *** who wrote this review. Probably a competitor

Los Angeles, California, United States #783360

As one of the first (now former) employees of BSC I know Davis well.I am confident that if any of these supposed quality issues had been brought to his attention they would have been dealt with swiftly and professionally.

Davis knows that because he employs people, they will inevitably make mistakes. The most important thing is how BSC responds when mistakes are made.

I have seen Davis respond consistently by going above and beyond to make sure that those mistakes where rectified.

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #779703

Unfortunately the cleaning service is unacceptable.The rooms were quite dusty.

After few days I had to request BSC to come and get rid of the dust bunnies who literately followed me wherever I went in the room. We waited cleaners to come and clean the floor for whole day. I contacted to reception at 11 am and the cleaners came around 4 pm. Cleaning ladies also forgot to add a toilet paper (on several times) and even worse they used the toilet paper to clean toilet and didn´t throw away the empty roll.

According to the reception the trash bags are removed but they just emptied them leaving stinky old bags in cans and after we have been asking to do so for several times.

Reading also another reviews I understand that cleaning service is really poor and yet they claim to be a 4 star.

to Alasondra Norfolk, Virginia, United States #782003

I don't believe you.And neither should the countless patrons who have taken the time to reject your opinion on this site.

Look at all the honest testimonials that have negated your claim.By leaving your post up on this site you not only discredit your word, but you do so in poor taste.

to Mako Norfolk, Virginia, United States #782026

Please forgive me if you are referencing a different "Broom Service" as it appears you are posting your comments from the other side of the United States.


I have used Broome Cleaners Service for over 6 years.They employ many seminary students and their spouses while they complete their education.

I use their services for my office and home. They are fully licensed and insured. I have used other cleaning services in the past and none compare to the quality of service we experience weekly with this company. I have recommended them to many friends will continue to do so.

They constantly solicit recommendation of how they can improve. I have yet to submit a suggestion.

My grade is a definite A+.John & Mary Kay Daves


First off ..I don't like the nome of this sight...

The Broom Cleaners I have used was very good..very kind and honest people..

I really can't believe this happened to you ..You should pay what you owe.....

Norfolk, Virginia, United States #775885

I have used Broom Service Cleaners for about 5 years now for both my business and my home.They have been extremely professional and all of their employees are very courteous.

I am please with the quality of their work and punctuality.I would recommend using them to anyone.

Chesapeake, Virginia, United States #775863

Regarding Broom Service Cleaners, the quality, professionalism and courtesy of their owners and staff is outstanding. We have used cleaning services in several states and would rank Broom at the top.


I must say that this complaint doesn't ring true.From the misspelled words, to the incorrect grammar, to the outlandish claims the whole post immediately sounded bogus to me.

We have interacted with BSC since they we're organized as a company.The words integrity and excellenc are not an exaggeration when it comes to my opinion of Broom Service Cleaners!

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